Monday, July 03, 2017

The Ruined Garden - planting and renovation

This is the time of the year in Morocco when many people take holidays and so the folk at The Ruined Garden will be taking a well deserved break. Not just for recreation, but also for some interesting renovations

The Ruined Garden will close after lunch on 12th July for 2 weeks of renovation. After a busy year, as many have had in Fez it is time to rearrange the kitchen and the coffee and drinks dispense area as well and ‘re-hang’ the Garden. The planting is now 4 years old and it is time to release some of the fruit frees currently in pots and plant directly into the soil. Also grape vines and peach, nectarine and apricot trees will be planted and then trained to form living walls behind tables in the central rectangle. Direct planting into Fez clay will reduce water consumption as well as increase yield. One day - Chateau Idrissy?

The restaurant will re-open for dinner on the 27th July with a revised menu and a greater selection of tapas for lunchtime (Hake Chermoula with olive oil cooked potatoes, couscous omelette, mint and cucumber soup, fried sardines and lemon) Tapas from 20 dirham per plate, a few regulars will remain on the tapas menu but many will be new.

The real Pigeon B’Stella

In the evening there will be more celebratory dishes including Pigeon B’Stella, this is one of the high points of Fez cooking and is hard to find on an A La Carte Menu and not within a fixed price set menu (in the garden 200 dirham - order a day in advance, boneless pigeon, spices, roast almonds, egg and sugar, with a tomato and orange salad).  #riadandgarden
reservations or +212(0) 649191410

Riad Idrissy will also close for 2 weeks and re-open on 27th July.


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