Thursday, July 13, 2017

This Weekend in Fez- Culture, Music and Photography

Friday afternoon sees the opening of the International Festival of Amazigh Culture at the Merinides Hotel. See the programme here   

From 14 to 16 July, the city of Fez will host the thirteenth edition of the International Festival of Culture Amazigh under the theme "Amazighity and cultural diversity confronting extremism". Numerous Moroccan and European artists will take part in this edition, including Abdelhafid Douzi, the star of classical Amazigh song Hadda Ouakki, Moroccan singer Ibtissam Tiskat, Saïd Senhaji, Aïcha Tachinouite, Hassan El Berkanai, Italian artist Laura Conti, in addition to the star of Flamenco dance Monica Arrabal and other musical and artistic activities.

The forum will provide an opportunity for experts, researchers and civil society actors to discuss current issues related to peace, dialogue and cultural diversity and its role in addressing all forms of extremism, and in the consolidation of democracy, coexistence, tolerance and the culture of solidarity.

At the same time, the festival will organize workshops on storytelling, painting, as well as poetry readings and art exhibitions, and book and carpet exhibits.

The music programme is impressive.


Saturday Night: GROUPE AHIDOUS TAHLA (Morocco). HASSAN ELBERKANI (Morocco) and IBTISSAM TISKAT (Morocco)

Sunday Night: HADDA OUAKKI (Morocco); LAURA CONTI (Italy) and ABDELHAFID DOUZI (Morocco)

Sunday's Photo Walk
Come and join the photo walk to discover the many layers of the Fez medina. Lead it by Hamza Ben Rachad Photo Walk Sunday, July 16 at 10:00 AM. Meet in front of the Batha Fountain


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