Saturday, July 15, 2017

Under the Sweltering Sky - Fez Scorches

Taking a non-airconditioned taxi in Fez is like travelling in a fan-forced oven. "It's like a baker's oven," the driver declares and then shrugs and grins. "Could be worse. You could be in Marrakech." He's right, but only just 

Fez Medina bakes under a sweltering, cloudless sky

This week has seen some of the hottest weather Fez has experienced in many years. Temperatures reached 47 Celsius a couple of days ago and are now back to a (slightly cooler) 44C. Marrakech is sweating with a very hot day - 46C.

The Directorate of National Meteorology says that the hottest temperatures would be in the north. In central Morocco, Ouarzazate is set to reach 41C and Oujda 39C.

Temperatures in Rabat and Tangier will be a comfortable 33C, while Essaouira will have Saturday afternoon’s lowest temperature at 24C.

The coming week sees some relief for Fez on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with temperature highs of 36, 34 and 35 respectively, before heading back up to 42 over the next weekend.


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