Saturday, September 16, 2017

Green Bus Line for Rabat

A new environmentally-friendly bus service will be in operation around the city of Rabat by summer 2018, according to Maghreb Arab Press (MAP)

In a report carried by Morocco World News, Mohamed Sadiki, vice-president of the Al Assima group, who are in charge of the management of urban transport, has said that the modernisation of transport services in the kingdom’s capital will be done through the introduction of the new green line.

Al Assima launched an international call for tenders for the bus project in February, but Sadiki says, “the identity of the project bidder will not be unveiled until the summer of 2018.”

Al Assima aims for the bus line to alleviate city traffic congestion and is committed to renewing the fleet by rolling out as many as 600 vehicles.

The 1,084-kilometer-long transport network in Rabat-Sale-Skhirat-Temara is served by 58 lines and the number of passengers is estimated at 60 million people per year

It is hoped the easing of traffic congestion will also lower the accident rate. This week, thirty-six people were injured after two buses collided Wednesday night in Rabat.


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