Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"The Fall of the Angels" Exhibition in Fez

The painter Hanae El Ouadghiry's exhibition  is showing at the French Institute in Fez until the end of September. It is well worth a visit

The artist's exhibition, entitled "the fall of the angels", ventures through a skilful mixture of forms and colours in a quest for a dream world that settles on the canvas.

The colours printed of her pictures are traversed by brutal gestures and sometimes by the sweetness of an unacknowledged wound, a bitterness retained.

A certain bitterness which comes back in the artist's words, which confers that the choice of "the fall of the angels" as a title assumes, of course, a purely figurative meaning, but nevertheless refers to "a departure, a sadness, a bitterness, a wound hardly concealed in works."
"I claim the silence of the work to the violent contact with the sounds of this world" -Hanae El Ouadghiry.
The round form of her paintings, a dozen in total, refers, according to her, to time and the vagaries of life's sensations.

Christophe Steyer, director of the French institute in Fez,  says that "even if the artist says humbly that she has nothing to say, she expresses so many feelings. Her pictorial work has many things to express through the explosive nature of works, by this very violence of the gesture that it transmits to us."

After participating in exhibitions both in Morocco and abroad, "the fall of the angels" is the first of Hanae El Ouadghiri at the French institute of Fez. It took two years of work to produce.


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