Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Faugloire Benjamin Project - Jazz in Fez

The Faugloire Benjamin project is a jazz trio composed of three musicians from Marseille: Benjamin Faugloire (piano and composition), Denis Frangulian (double bass) and Jérôme Mouriez (drums). The concert is a project of the French Institute in Fez

If there are musicians for whom music has no other end than itself, there are others for whom it is necessarily the echo of oneself. The pianist Benjamin Faugloire certainly belongs to the second category.

As an architect of his music, committed to preserving spontaneity within written forms, Benjamin Faugloire develops the emotion of a story, finding in an acoustic instrumentation an energy that comes from rock and reminiscences of the best pop.

"Anchoring his band in this contemporary geography of the jazz trio that has grown considerably in recent years and sees the music in panoramic, it scrolls contrasted landscapes, while weaving a narrative thread inscribed in the heart of music, which makes 'chain the chapters with fluidity, without excluding contemplative beaches.

"Birth", their last album, recorded with the trio who have accompanied him for more than a decade, is conceived as a a succession of titles that follow each other like the happiness and accidents of life, a reflection of a personal trajectory that passes through its ups and downs, its expectations and its inspirations, its distress and rebirth. Without ever ceasing to advance.

Wednesday 4 October at 19:00 - 20:00

Ryad Dar Batha
30000 Old Fes, Fès, Morocco


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