Friday, October 27, 2017

Sunday Open House at Fez Medina Children's Library

You are invited to visit the Medina Children's Library in Fez at the Open House this Sunday, October 29 from 4 - 6 pm. Come and meet the local children, their parents, and the librarians who make this such a vibrant and fun little space

The Medina Children's Library has been open since January 2015, and since then children have made many thousands of visits to what has become a treasured community facility.

The local children are proud of their library, which is the only one for young people in Fez. On Sunday they will entertain their parents and visitors with story readings, songs, dances, and a short play. All the children who attend will receive a certificate of participation.

So if you are in Fez, please drop into the Medina Children's Library and share what promises to be an enjoyable celebration. We are at 41bis Swiqt ben Safi, Zkak Rouah, just off the Talaa Sghira. You can find us on Google Maps and Trip Advisor. 

If you aren't in Fez, and would like to know more about the Library and to offer your support, please see our website. CLICK HERE. 

Photos by Samia Bachraoui


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