Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Combating the Cold in Morocco

Back in 2007 a deadly cold wave killed more than 30 people in Morocco. Now, once again the cold is here and with it, a series of preventive measures intended to open up the hard-to-reach areas and provide essential care to vulnerable populations

The Directorate of National Meteorology says that yesterday, December 4th, the minimum temperatures were between -7 degrees and 7 degrees Celsius in the cities of Ifrane, Midelt, Boulemane and Beni Mellal. In Oujda, Fes, Meknes, Errachidia and Chefchaouen, the mercury oscillated between -1 degree and 11 degrees.

Snowfall, admittedly light, has been recorded on some peaks of the Middle and High Atlas.

This year's cold wave has already killed a victim in El Hajeb. On the night of December 2 to 3 a 69-year-old night watchman, died of exposure.

The Ministry of the Interior has ordered the activation of proximity and situation monitoring centres in cooperation with the Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics, the Ministry of Water, the Ministry of the Interior and the Department of Health, Police and Civil Protection.

In the Azilal region, the emergency plan put in place with the mobilisation of human and logistical resources to ensure access to isolated areas over more than 530 km of roads. The plan mobilises thirty engineers, technicians and drivers in addition to four snow removal machines, a machine to melt snow, three cranes and a sweeper machine.

The opening up of remote areas is also taking place in the Ifrane region, where the authorities have announced a series of preventive measures including mobilising ten machines for clearing snow, two machines to melt the snow, a crane and two sweeping machines.

Community centres will ensure the health of people living in areas affected by cold weather by the setting up of a medical and paramedical services, the supply of medicines, the care of pregnant women, the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases.

The Mohamed V Foundation for Solidarity supports the emergency plan decreed through the deployment of medical caravans, the setting up of mobile hospitals, the granting of food aid and the provision of medical equipment.

Volunteer groups are also assisting - see our story here.

Weather forecast

This very cold spell will continue until Thursday, December 7th.
The temperature at Jerada, Figuig, Tarourirte, Boulmane, Midelt, Ifrane, Khénifra, Beni-Mellal, Azilal, Tinguir, Al-Hoceima (Reliefs), Chefchaouen, Sefrou and Taza will vary between -5 / 00 ° C and 7/12 ° C. It will be between 0/4 ° C  and 10/15 ° C in Oujda, Fez, Meknes, El-Hajeb, Guercif, Moulay-Yakoub, Khemisset, Khouribga, Errachidia, Ouarzazate, Taroudante (Reliefs), Kelaa-Seraghna and Taounate through to Thursday, December 7,


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Anonymous said...

Hope everyone will be safe this winter up there, they sure have it tough.

I'd like to underline that one cannot "combat" the cold but only defend oneself against its effects.