Sunday, December 10, 2017

Moroccans Protest Over Trump's Jerusalem Decision

Moroccan citizens have responded in large numbers to the national demonstration of solidarity with the Palestinian people that began Sunday in Rabat, in protest against the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognise the holy city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
Photo crédit : Yassine Toumi/TELQUEL

Organised on the initiative of the National Action Group to Support Palestine and the Moroccan Association of Solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle, this event has seen the participation of some 100,000 people according to its initiators.

All had one message: to reaffirm the consistent position of the Moroccan people of all stripes, political parties, trade unions and human rights organisations, supporting the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and their just cause.

Demonstrators, armed with Palestinian flags or wearing scarves in the colors of Palestine, marched from Bab el-Had square, near the medina, to the Parliament.

"Jerusalem, capital of Palestine!" proclaimed a banner, while protesters, including Islamist sympathizers or trade unionists, chanted slogans against Mr Trump.

"The Palestinian people have suffered a lot and they continue to suffer because of the barbaric colonization of the Israelis," indignant Moustapha, a 43-year-old protester. "We need more than ever to make our voices heard against Trump's decision to deprive Palestinians of their land," said the lawyer from Casablanca with his six-year-old daughter.

To the cries of "Trump you are disqualified!" the demonstrators, coming from several cities near Rabat, then went to the As-Sunna mosque whose minaret dominates the old Rabat.

"Palestine will always be the first cause of Muslims," ​​says Hassan, a 28-year-old teacher from the town of Kenitra, north of Rabat, in a bus available to protestors.

Members of the Moroccan government and other figures of Moroccan political life also participated in the march.

Earlier this week, King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Committee, expressed his "deep concern" at Trump's decision, and warned against "any violation of recognized legal and historical status. "from Jerusalem.


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