Saturday, January 13, 2018

Casablanca and Bordeaux celebrate 30 years of twinning

According to the French Cultural Institute of Casablanca, cities of Casablanca and Bordeaux are preparing to celebrate 30 years of twinning through a series of events

In 2018, artists, inhabitants, architects, public actors, entrepreneurs will come to Casablanca to "discover or rediscover the most active city of Morocco".

The Institute proposes to mark this event, initiated under the theme "Casablanca / Bordeaux: 30 years of life together," by renewing the links between the two cities over the years.

Actors, artists and personalities, who will "have the heart to invent projects with and for Casablancais", will come from Bordeaux, announces the Institute. "As well as the invitations of personalities and artists from France, the Institute proposes to create new meetings, with the hope that they will open new projects and beautiful adventures."

According to the Institute, both cities have "things to share". They are both port cities, open to the Atlantic, and they have the distinction of being "rich in creativity and innovation". Bordeaux, being at the heart of wine tourism, is a popular holiday destination for many Moroccans.


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