Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Fez celebrates from January 4th to 7th

The celebration of the 8th annual "Fez Day" will take place from January 4th to 7th. The initiative is that of the Moroccan Forum of Environmental Initiatives

Under the theme "development of Fez and issues of sustainability", this event aims to discuss mechanisms and means to revive the socio-economic dynamics of the city and highlight its ancient heritage, and to give it back its luster of yesteryear. In partnership with the urban commune of the city, the regional council and the university Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah, this meeting also aims to examine the malfunctions and problems that hinder the development of the city and taint its urban landscape.

The participants of this meeting will have to discuss several topics, including "the plans of development of the urban commune", "the development plans of the region Fès-Meknès", "debate on sustainable development" and "projects for the future".

The celebration of the 8th annual Fes Day includes the screening of a thematic documentary, exhibitions of handicrafts, a ceremony in honour of craftsmen, workshops and artistic activities for the benefit of young people.

Founded in 808 of the Christian era (192 H), the city of Fez, is classified as part of the world heritage of humanity by UNESCO. The Medina includes, among others, 11 medersas, 43 Koranic schools, 83 mausoleums and zaouïas and 176 mosques, including Quaraouiyine University.


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