Friday, January 19, 2018

Pedestrian Crossing Law Angers Two British Tourists

In Morocco pedestrians should use pedestrian crossings - or pay a fine. However, some tourists are reacting badly to the new laws in the Highway Code

Two English tourists face up to two years in prison for refusing to pay a fine and assaulting a traffic policeman.

The criminal investigation of Marrakech on Wednesday sent back two English tourists and their Moroccan women to the Attorney General of the King, for "humiliation of a public official during the exercise of his function" and "assaulting a police officer in uniform", reports the daily Akhbar Alyaoum in its edition of January 19th.

The four defendants, who face jail terms of up to four years in prison, initially failed to respect the crosswalks, crossing Hassan II Boulevard in Marrakech. When the policeman explained to them that they must pay a fine of 25 dirhams as provided for in the Highway Code, they reacted violently and assaulted the policeman after refusing to pay the fine.


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Anonymous said...

Well, nothing wrong with the law itself but a few more crosswalks (+cars who actually stop) would be great.