Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Takafes - "Changing Urban Space"

The 3rd edition of the days of the colonial legacy of Moroccan cities, under the theme "The changing urban space" will take place from 26th, 27th and 28th of January, organised by the takafes centre for cultural innovation in partnership with the French Institute in Fez, the Cervantes Institute in Fez and the Mi'mart association

Organised as part of the cultural season of 2017-2018 takafes, the third edition of the days of the colonial legacy of Moroccan cities is an opportunity for artists, university researchers, and urban architects to discuss the issue of "the appropriation of urban space in Morocco today.

A photo exhibition entitled "Urban Metamorphoses" is programmed with the participation of Cat Wilson and Thami Benkirane. "Casa Blancas Cielos azules" is a large-scale digital collage series in which Cat Wilson merges architectural digital photos of the city of Casablanca and reproductions of traditional motifs from the Maghreb through the cyanotype process.

Thami Benkirane 

Thami Benkirane will display photographs from the series "Kitea, Sefrou Road" capturing places in transition from a rural area and one urban revealing the juggernaut of urbanisation advancing irreversibly towards rural areas.

The program includes a guided tour of the new city of Fez to engage the public traveling through the colonial heritage and be able to witness mutations of the urban landscape of the city.

This event is organised in partnership with the French Institute of Fez, the Cervantes Institute in Fez and Dar 7 Louyat - Guest house.

These events are free to the public.

 Vendredi 26 janvier 2018
18H30 : Exposition des lauréats de l’exposition Photo/Vidéo intitulé :
‹Métamorphoses urbaines »- Thami Benkiran – Cat Wilson
Galerie de l'Institut Français de Fès

 Samedi 27 janvier 2018
1ème table ronde 09h30-11h00 : Table ronde sous thème : « diversité
culturelle dans l’héritage architectural colonial »
Institut Cervantès de Fès
2ème table ronde 11h30-13h00 : Table ronde sous thème : « Les
mutations de l’espace urbain marocain aujourd’hui : état des lieux ».

 Dimanche 28 janvier 2018
10H00 : Tour guidé : Circuit de la ville nouvelle de Fès en partenariat
avec l’association des étudiants de l’école d’architecture de Fès.
Place Rex.

For more infiormation:
Takafes center of art and cultural innovation
+ 212-612-667-162
33Rue Sbaa Louyat Fez Medina, Morocco
www.takafes.ma the salam@takafes.ma


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