Monday, February 05, 2018

Moroccan Weather - More cold and rain

The Directorate of National Meteorology is forecasting more cold and wet weather for Morocco. Fez getting down to 1 Celsius up to a max of 11 or 12

Cold weather on the reliefs, the Southeast, the Oriental, the highlands, the north and the interior.- Cloudy with rain and showers sometimes thunderstorms on the Souss, Chiadma, Abda, Saïss, the High and the Middle Atlas and the plains north-west.

Moderate to heavy snowfall on the reliefs of the Atlas, the Rif, the Oriental beyond 800m.- Cloudy weather on the Tangier, the Mediterranean, the Oriental, the north of the south coast with light rain or showers.- Little to slightly cloudy sky elsewhere.

Moderate wind sector west to north over the southern provinces, from west sector on Tangierois and from southwest to west on south-east, north-west plains and reliefs.- Mineral temperatures ranging from -9 ° C to 3 ° C on the reliefs, from -1 ° C to 4 ° C on the Eastern highlands, southeastern slopes, phosphate and Oulmes plateaus, Saiss, northern Gharb and Loukkos, 4 ° C to 9 ° C on the coast, northern and central plains, Souss and from 8 ° C to 14 ° C on the southern provinces.- Maximum temperatures of -2 ° C to 4 ° C on the reliefs of the Atlas and the Rif, of 4 ° C to 9 ° C on the Oriental, the Saïss, the southeastern slopes, the phosphate and Oulmès plateaus, from 9 ° C to 14 ° C on the Mediterranean, the northern and central plains, from 15 ° C to 21 ° C in the southern provinces.

The sea was rough on the Mediterranean Sea, not so agitated on the Strait, not much agitated between Tangier and Larache, agitated with strong wind in the south.

Meanwhile, in the Sahara...


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