Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Tangier Tourism Growth Up 27%

Classified tourist establishments in Tangier registered 608,654 arrivals in 2017 against 478,170 a year earlier, an increase of 27%

Thus, the number of international visitors who went to Tangier stood at 312,074 tourists during the year 2017 (+ 49% ), while national tourists totalled 296,580, up 10% over to 2016, with an average stay of two days.

The various classified hotel units of Tangier recorded, during this period, 1,237,391 nights compared to 991,489 in 2016, an increase of 25%, with an occupancy rate of 45% against 40%, year-on-year.

The Spaniards come first among the foreign tourists who visited the city of Tangier during this period (56,744), followed by the French (46,296), Arabs (25,246), Americans (15,026), Chinese (12,379), British ( 9.160), Germans (7.512), Belgians (6.199) and Scandinavians (5.302).

Tourist establishments classified 4 stars have welcomed some 179,100 tourists, followed by those classified as 3 stars (162,026), 5 stars (110,023), 2 stars (80,693) and a star (43,642), as well as residential hotels. (20,454) and guest houses (9,846).

In December alone, 43,567 tourists visited Tangier against 41,156 in December 2016, up 6% with the number of overnight stays was 82,212, up 3% year-on-year, with an occupancy rate of 39% versus 34% in December 2016.



Robert said...

It seems that it always increasing the tourism, They are many people like to visit in Tangier. Its great knowing of it

Tea in Tangier said...

Interesting seeing the statistics - so much change in Tangier over recent years as more and better options are raising the bar for tourism in the area - it hasn't always been an easy town to visit but is now definitely worth a visit.