Friday, February 23, 2018

Will Morocco End Daylight Saving?

On February 7th, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling for the abandonment of the daylight saving summer timetable. If EU member states are in favour of this proposal, Morocco may also adopt this resolution

The system of summer time is now believed to have more negative points than positive according to the deputies of the European Parliament of Strasbourg. Thus, 384 out of 549 MEPs voted to abandon the summer timetable to adopt a unified European schedule. It will be up to the European Commission to take the advice of all member states before a final decision is taken.

If the summer timetable disappears in Europe, it will also be the case in Morocco especially as its largest economic partners are in Europe, including France and Spain.

MEPs, for their part, justified their vote by the existence of scientific studies demonstrating that it has no positive impact. They argue that the disadvantages have more impact, whether on human health or on agriculture, as well as on the multiplication of road accidents. Moreover, Russia, which has abandoned the summer schedule, said that in the first years of its adoption, its first week recorded some 70,000 deaths in road accidents.

The adoption of summer time dates back to 1784 when it was imposed by Benjamin Franklin in the United States to save candles. In 1916, Europe adopted daylight saving time in the midst of the World War and abandoned it in 1946 at the end of the Second World War. Europe adopted summer time again during the 1973-74 oil crisis to save gas and fuel.


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