Friday, March 16, 2018

Morocco Installs Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Morocco's Institute for Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) has announced the start of the installation of the first charging stations for electric vehicles in Morocco's highway rest areas.

As part of the Green Miles project, initiated by IRESEN in partnership with Schneider Electric, Autoroutes du Maroc are working on the establishment of the first pilot network of charging stations at rest areas every 60 km along the Tanger-Agadir motorway.

"In total, there are 37 terminals, with 74 charging points of different powers that are being installed on the highway rest areas to cover the 800 km route," said the statement, adding that the establishment is part of a global approach that integrates coupling with solar power, intelligent communication between terminals and the development of innovative solutions that take into account all the specificities of the Moroccan socio-economic context.

Initiated in 2017, these facilities are the result of numerous research and development projects on sustainable mobility that the Institute has conducted since 2014 at its research platform Green Energy Park in Benguerir.

Studies have demonstrated the importance of charging infrastructure as a driver for the development of electric mobility in Morocco. Thus urban areas are in full expansion, and a significant source of solar energy, electric cars, which can be adopted to renew the current fleet, while saving more than 15 million tons of CO2 equivalent per year.

The charging stations were co-financed by the IRESEN and the Schneider-Electric group, while the engineering, the studies and the installation of the charging stations are done jointly by the fuel distributors, IRESEN and ADM.

The first stations of the Afriquia group are in the process of being equipped and will be followed in the next three weeks by the installation of the charging stations in the other rest areas of the fuel dispensers present on the Tanger-Agadir motorway.


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