Saturday, March 03, 2018

Philippe Laleu Exhibition Opening Night

Traces of a Journey, an exhibition by French artist Philippe Lauleu, opened last night at the French Institute in Fez's Ville Nouvelle.

The body of work was created in Japan more than 20 years ago, but remains contemporary and relevant.  The theme, explained Laleu, is about the Japanese relationship with landscape and the nearness of death. "They know they are trying to stay on a shaking fish; that any moment could be their last."

The intriguing works are executed either on fragments of old kimonos, or canvas, and feature anatomy, maps and features of the landscape. "I was working in Kobe during the big earthquake they had there, and more than 6,500 people disappeared." The poignancy of people searching for their loved ones, who had been literally lost in the landscape, stayed with him and became the theme of this exhibition.

Laleu has had a long record as an artist, and was also the Director of the French Institute between 2005 and 2015. He now lives in Fez, and finds constant inspiration in the ancient medina.

It will be intriguing to see his future works about Fez.

Traces of a Journey exhibition runs until the end of March at the French Institute Gallery, 33 Rue Ahmed Loukili, Ville Nouvelle, Fez. For further info CLICK HERE. 


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