Thursday, March 15, 2018

Theatre and Folklore Festivals in Morocco

The 13th edition of the International Theatre Festival of Casablanca will be held from March 20 to April 1, with the participation of troops from Europe, Africa and the United States - and Marrakech to have new folklore festival

"Some 13 theatrical productions from all walks of life are scheduled in the main Casablanca theatres for the enjoyment of all audiences," said Noureddine Ayouch, president of the Living Arts Foundation, which is organising this cultural event.

Masterpieces that lend themselves to reflection and artistic beauty will thrill the Casablanca nights, including the masterpiece "Anais, A dance opera", directed by Janet Roston, and the play "Birth of a chef d 'oeuvre', staged by Stéphanie Chévara, will take place at the Studio des arts vivants, said the president of the Foundation.

The play "Proudhon Model Courbet", designed and directed by Jean Petrement, and "The day I met Franz Liszt", directed by Christian Tandem, are also on the program, he noted, adding that the event will be marked by parallel activities, workshops, conferences, as well as training sessions.

Moroccan shows are also on the menu, including Mohamed Lhor's "Moulat Lhit", which will feature Moroccan theatre stars such as Meryem Zaimi, Saida Ladib, Adil Abatourab, and "Saken", directed by Hassan Hammouche, among others.

According to the organisers, this cultural event aims to raise awareness of the importance of theatrical art and to promote this activity, but also to develop the talents of young professionals while highlighting the latest artistic works.

MARCH 20: Anaïs, A Dance Opera
MARCH 21: Birth of a masterpiece
22 MARCH: Proudhon Model Courbet at F.O.L. Federation of laic works of Casablanca
MARCH 23: The day I met Franz Liszt at the Casablanca Mechouar
MARCH 24th: Impromptu 1663
25 MARCH: Sleeping Rose at the French Institute of Casablanca
MARCH 26: Moulat Lhit at the theater of the F.O.L. Federation of laic works of Casablanca
MARCH 27: Notebook with notes to uzine
MARCH 28: Under the Bridge at the French Institute of Casablanca
MARCH 29th: Eloge de l'Amour show at the French Institute of Casablanca
MARCH 30: Saken at the Ritz Cinema
MARCH 31: Allah Islah at the Ritz Cinema
APRIL 1: Antigone I Ma Kou at The Studio of Living Arts

"Marrakech Folklore Days", a festival dedicated to popular arts

The biggest festival of folklore "Marrakech Folklore Days" will be held for the first time in Morocco, from March 30 to April 1 in Marrakech.

Organised by the Association of Heritage and Folklore (APF), this Festival aims to create an intercultural sharing environment where any country in the world will have the opportunity to be represented by artists whose mission is to highlight their national and ethnic roots , says a statement from the organising committee. This event aims to exchange culture, heritage and tradition between different countries while having fun on open-air stages in Marrakech.

"Morocco will not only be the host country but will also participate in the event with folk troupes from different regions," said the source. This meeting will be attended by several countries including Morocco to present their folklore, will bring together about 500 artists all seeking to discover and value their nation and heritage to local tourists and those from elsewhere. The program of this festival, include the organization of a photography contest where young participants will trace the best moments with their pictures, shows and a parade of groups in the old medina of Marrakech, in addition to the exchange of gifts and distribution of diplomas.


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