Friday, April 27, 2018

Moroccan Delicacy Used to Transport Hashish!

A briouat is a traditional Moroccan sweet or savoury puff pastry filled with meat mixed with cheese, lemon and pepper. They are wrapped in warqa in a triangular or cylinder shape. The main ingredients: meat (chicken or lamb), cheese, lemon, black pepper; herbs and spices. Now a new ingredient has been discovered by the police in Tangier who recently seized 10 kg of cannabis resin hidden in the form of ... briouats

After pineapples , bricks of orange juice , or boxes of cereals , it is the turn of briouates to serve as a hiding place to carry drugs.

The police and customs at the port of Tangier city yesterday aborted an attempt to smuggle 10 kg of cannabis resin camouflaged as briouats police sources said.

"The vigilance of the police and customs elements at the passenger control centre within the port has allowed, following a thorough search, the arrest of an employee in one of the shipping companies based in the same port, "said the same source, adding that a man was preparing to embark with this amount of camouflaged drug in the form of homemade briouats stored in a cake box.

The man, born in 1982, was placed in custody for the purposes of the investigation conducted by the judicial police at the port of Tangier-ville on the instructions of the Prosecutor General, according to the authorities of the city.


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