Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Through the Peacock Gate Launched in Fez

Moroccans, Australians, Americans, British, German and French book lovers gathered on Monday at the ALIF Riad in the Fez Medina for he launch of Sandy McCutcheon's latest novel - Through the Peacock Gate.

The launch was performed by artist and satirist Bryan Dawe, now a resident of Tangier.

The stock of books was quickly sold but there are still copies available at the American Language Center Bookshop

The first edition on sale in Fez
Sandy McCutcheon signing for readers

Thanks to the crew from the American Language Center and Beaon Books for getting the books to Fez in time for the launch.

“Sandy McCutcheon’s latest novel Through the Peacock Gate is the kind of book those of us who live between Occident and Orient have waited an entire lifetime to read. The interweaving layers, the quality of the prose and, most of all, the raw bedrock of cultural knowledge on which it is founded, makes this an invaluable handbook to the mysteries and complexities of Eastern lore. Its pages conjure the mesmerising, magical heart of secret Morocco.” - Tahir Shah, author of The Caliph’s House
Photographs: Suzanna Clarke


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