Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Breaking News: Morocco Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Iran

Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita said today that his country has suspended relations with Tehran and urged the Iranian ambassador to leave the country, "because of the relationship between Hezbollah and the Polisario".

Bourita said in an interview with reporters, including Anadolu's correspondent, that "Morocco has decided to close its embassy in Tehran and has asked Mohamed Taqi Muayed, the Iranian ambassador to Rabat, to leave the country".

He added that the reason for this measure was "the commitment of the Lebanese Hezbollah, backed by Iran, in a relationship with the Polisario, which threatens the security and stability of Morocco".

And explain that "his country has evidence that Hezbollah leaders had financed the Polisario and trained some of its elements."

"Rabat has information that diplomats from the Iranian embassy in Algeria have facilitated the meeting of Hezbollah leaders with the leaders of the Polisario," he added.

Iran's Embassy in Rabat

The diplomatic channels between the Islamic Republic and the kingdom were interrupted in March 2009 unilaterally by Morocco.

Officially, Rabat challenged the vision of a senior Iranian official who said the state of Bahrain was "the fourteenth province of Iran". In solidarity with the small state of the Gulf, Morocco had broken all ties with the Islamic Republic. Diplomats also spoke of the interference of Iran, and Tehran-sponsored Shiite proselytising activities.


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