Monday, May 21, 2018

World Class Water Park and Hotel Opens in Fez

The province of Moulay Yacoub, known for the virtues of its thermal water, is fast becoming a destination of attractions and recreation. Developer, Hassan Belamkaddem, has invested more than 140 million DH for the construction of a gigantic water park, "Rim Aquatique", on the road to Meknes, not far from the centre of Ras El Mae

Spread over an area of ​​6 hectares, the project includes three swimming pools, an artificial beach, 46 luxury suites, two restaurants with a capacity of 600 seats, a go-kart track, a garden, a playground, in addition to a park with trees.

"As I am originally from this province, I wanted to make a big investment to create an economic activity and offer work to young people," says Hassan Belamkaddem (pictured left). The centre provides for the creation of 500 jobs.

While the structural part is completed, the finishing of the guest rooms is in full swing. "We have imported Egyptian showers, Russian children's games and other equipment, such as water slides, from around the world. The "Rim Aquatique" project required 4 years of research, work and realisation.

"Its goal is to attract domestic and foreign tourists, "says Belamkaddem. The challenge, he says, is to build a modern recreation centre that meets international standards, especially in terms of safety. The project dedicated to families is the first in the region.

"We have a large pool, a learning pool with sledges, static waves, a play lagoon, a Jacuzzi, changing rooms, toilets, an infirmary, as well as administrative, storage and household complex," underlines the management of the project.

The opening to the public was on Saturday, May 5, 2018, a few days before the start of the summer holidays.

See more video here: Rim Aquatique


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