Thursday, May 31, 2018

WorldTowning Supports the Fez Medina Children's Library

WorldTowning™ – Living the world, one hometown at a time - is the vision of some remarkable people - parents, Jessica and Will, along with their children Largo and Avalon. They explain their WorldTowning project as "a slow-traveling way of life for the curious and adventuresome, for lovers of the world, for those who desire to experience life to the fullest". Along the way they have given wonderful support to the Fez Medina Children's Library

Recently they spent several weeks in Morocco and described it as one of the highlights of their three year adventure which has seen them visit 18 countries. Along the way the family has recorded an entertaining and informative video blog.

Arriving in Fez they came across the Medina Children's Library in the old Medina of Fez. Inspired, they volunteered to take part in some of the library activities. They then decided to raise some funds to assist the library.
"The library has a remarkable group of individuals who cared about the future of Fez so much that they created this special space. But this space can only exist with the support of generous individuals like yourself to buy books, pay for the rent, utilities, and the salaries of the librarians.
If you have the ability to provide a donation it would greatly be appreciated. Each contribution directly benefits a child and their future by way of books.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!" - Jessica, Will, Largo and Avalon
The Medina Children’s Library was established to encourage literacy and a love of reading in the children of the Fez Medina community.
The library was started in January 2015 by a group of neighbors living in the Fez Medina. We wanted to offer the children in our community a place where they could discover books and develop a love of reading. This is the only children’s library in Fez.
In 2017 the library had record attendance with 14,700 visits to the library, over 1,200 each month! There is a huge need here and it is thrilling to see the ongoing enthusiastic response from the kids.

Jesica and Will have set up a "Causevox" site to collect donations. To date it has exceeded their goal, not in one week, but in one day!

Please click on this link to donate.

The library and The View From Fez would like to thank the WorldTowning team for their wonderful support.


Visit the Medina Children's Library Facebook page
The library website is here


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