Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Traditional Colour Scheme?

Eyebrows have been raised in the Fez Medina about a slowly emerging trend to brighten up some streets with bright colours - some not World Heritage approved!

The effect , while colourful, is not to everyone's taste. As one local resident said, "The painted wall is sacrilegious bad taste, for me at least. It becoming a Chinese restaurant is sorta funny. Take a closer look and you see the historic plaque and realise that the restaurant is the house of Maimonides! Oy vey!!!!"



Anonymous said...

the responsible for this are the government, the ADER, the Caids, anyway everyone that dont care at all about what they should care about. Anyone do whatever they want, this house has no interest anyway and is not dating from Maimoun's era (12nd cenury) but it could still be made like looking so and part of a jewish medina tour, that would be interesting - the goal is to get more and more tourists, which are less and less educated. Chinese want to eat only chinese food, so more and more chinese restaurants will open everywhere. Sad ... very sad vision of what this medina will become slowly but surely : a grotesque grin of what it has been a very, very long time ago

The View From Fez said...

You are certainly right about the arrival of more Chinese restaurants. Maybe we need a campaign to explain Moroccan food to the Chinese?