Saturday, February 16, 2019

New books for the Fez Medina Children's Library

The Fez Medina Children's Library has just acquired 92 new books, as a result of donations from sponsors and a recent trip to the Casablanca Book Fair
Librarian Samia Bachraoui and treasurer Suzanna Clarke at the Casablanca Book Fair

"This year we expanded our range to include an extra 22 books for young adults, as well as 14 reference books, and six art and craft books," said head librarian Samia Bachraoui.

Treasurer Suzanna Clarke said, "We are aware that the children who attend the library regularly are growing up and need more challenging material, so we wanted to supplement the picture books for younger readers we've bought on earlier trips."

The book purchases were made possible with the generous support of donations from Caroline di Carlo, the Sheik family, Cafe Clock and Plan-It Morocco, ​among other sponsors.

Librarian Samia Bachraoui talks to the Association of Moroccan Libraries

The Medina Children's Library is currently looking for a larger space, close to its current location off the Ta'laa Sghira in the Fez Medina, so it can service a larger number of children and increase the activities on offer.

To find out more about the Fez Medina Children's Library CLICK HERE. 


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