Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Sad News in the Fez Medina

The expat community in Fez was saddened today to hear of the death of Maxwell Rowe

Max was a popular expat, with locals and foreigners alike. His wife, Kawtar, is a native of Fez.

An Australian, with a great love of rock music, Max made friends easily, but as his long term illness progressed, he spent most of his time at home in his guest house, Dar Iman.

Prior to buying, renovating and running Dar Iman, Max was the popular host at Cafe Clock. His quick repartee and very Australian sense of humour endeared him to all he met including Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Max, (centre) with the Duchess of Cornwall in 2011 (photo: Sandy McCutcheon)

Our thoughts go out to Kawtar and Max's extended family in Fez. RIP Max.



antipodes said...

Very sad news Sandy. I met Max about 9 years ago in Fez. (You were away). He showed me and my partner Sue great warmth and friendship, even though we'd just met. We ate with Max and Kawtar in their home and hung out in the Medina and at the Clock with him. A sweet, funny, generous man.

Erich Groat said...

Very sorry to hear this belatedly. Max was one of a those few people who could cheer me up when I was down and out or frustrated by life in the medina. On those days I'd go to Cafe Clock in the hopes he'd be there.