Thursday, June 13, 2019

Moroccan women celebrated in colourful exhibition

Artist Ewa Potocka's exhibition Moroccan Chameleon, has been inspired by Moroccan women. It will be held at Riad Karim, a new creative space in the Fez Medina, from June 16 - 22  

A pioneer in the field of internet projects in her native Poland, Ewa Potocka will exhibit a series of multidimensional and original paintings. All the works have been created in Morocco over the last few years. She says that Moroccan women are strong, though often invisible in patriarchal society. Their influence can be found in the flashy patterns on the walls, floors and clothes. "She is also ambiguous, colorful, undefined, quiet and loud at the same time."

The exhibition of paintings will be accompanied by an exhibition of photographs by Polish architect Agata Luczaj, the owner of Riad Karim, that are a digital variation of the same theme.

The exhibition opening of Moroccan Chameleon is on Sunday June 16 at 5 pm. It is requested that those attending wear colourful clothes, to enhance the spirit of the evening.

When: June 16 - 22
Where: Riad Karim,62 Derb Lemsid (Akbit Feran), Fez Medina
Info:  or +212 648 793 720


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