Thursday, August 29, 2019

Hassan II Mosque Hammams Now Open to Public

The hammams of the Hassan II mosque have finally opened their doors to the public.

Stack under the great Mosque Hassan II, this hammam with XXL proportions spread over 6000m 2 divided (in equal parts) between ladies and gentlemen. After the reception, the stairs that lead to two temples of well-being. The Moorish baths, first, with three levels of heat: barely heated, hot or under the steam (be careful,  not to stay the whole session, just minutes to soften the skin). In addition to the traditional hammam, there are also thalassotherapy baths with water drawn directly from the Atlantic. The setting is magnificent, Aal in a traditional Moroccan decor all zelliges and marble, with basins that evoke antique baths, floral fountains, mouldings and stucco old ceilings.

At the end of your hammam, back to the top: near the reception is the tea room where you will be offered different soothing herbal teas, for even more rest.

Rates are very reasonable. The entry of the Moorish baths is thus at 50 dirhams and that of the thalasso baths at 150 dirhams.

But other more complete options, are on offer. In side steam rooms, there are 5, simple scrub (90 dirhams), exfoliation with soaping, wrap, care with argan oil, shea butter care and finally coffee care at 450 DH.

On the thalasso side, you can treat yourself to a hydro massage course in the heated seawater pool (150 DH). A coach guides you around the 1m20 deep pool, in front of jets that massage all a different part of the body: legs, fall of the kidneys, stomach or even lower neck and shoulders. If you want to complete the course with the advice of the coach, you can also take aquacycling or aquabiking courses, which combine two benefits: sports and massage. The jets of water, added to the exercise have a draining action, effective against cellulite and beneficial for the blood circulation.

Be aware,  it takes a good two hours (at least) to combine the experience hammam and thalassotherapy.

Open from 9h to 23h, the last access being at 21h.
Hammam Hassan II Hassan II
Grand Mosque
1, Boulevard de la Corniche, Casablanca
Tel. : +212 5 22 48 28 86


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