Tuesday, September 17, 2019

New Yoga Classes in the Fez Medina

Yoga teacher Edna Vidal Ros 

Great news for local and visiting yoga enthusiasts - daily classes are now available in the Fez Medina from Monday to Saturday at 8 am  

Held at the boutique hotel Palais Amani, near the tanneries, the classes last for an hour and a quarter, and there is the possibility to stay for a 'de-tox' breakfast afterwards.

The teacher is Edna Vidal Ros, 27, who trained in yoga in Barcelona and India. "I was a ballet dancer from the sweet age of three, to the challenging age of 18," she says. "I had to give up due to an injury and, after years of searching for a new thing to fill the gap, I found yoga."

Edna took degrees in Event Management and International Finance, before switching to yoga. "I take the hatha/vinyasa approach, as I love adapting every practice to the people who are joining me that day. After all, our bodies are never the same and neither are our moods", she says. "I have worked with people of all ages, from relentless children to the dedicated elderly and absolutely adore the intimate, pure connections established with every soul that steps on a mat."

Edna invites you to join her at a class at Palais Amani.

Open Day on 23rd September at 8am:

Free introductory Amani Shala Yoga class on the rooftop, followed by a free detox breakfast afterwards in the gardens. Bookings essential: conciergerie@palaisamani.com

Essential Info: 

  • The regular drop in rate is 250 dh per class. (Add 150 dh for detox breakfast).
  • Locals rates and a September Special - any local can sign up at 150 dh per class. If they join a class during September, they can bring a friend for free. 
  • Loyalty cards will soon be available online - 5 lessons for 1,000 dh, and 10 lessons for 1,500 dh. 
  • Private classes available for 1 - 2 people at 500 dh per person  or for 3 - 4 people at 300 dh. (Add 150 dh per person for a detox breakfast.) 
  • Yoga sessions on Mt Zalagh can be arranged on request. Contact Palais Amani for details. 
Further info and bookings: Palais Amani is at 12 Derb El Miter, Oued Zhoune, Blida, Fes Medina.  https://palaisamanifez.as.me/yoga or + 212 53 56 33 209. 


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Palais Amani said...

There is an open day on 23rd September to try out yoga at the Palais Amani. Sign up for a free introductory class at 8am this coming Monday, and enjoy a complimentary detox breakfast after the class. Limited space and a great shame to miss!!
to sign up and for more information email us: marketing@palaisamani.com