Thursday, October 03, 2019

12th annual International Dance Festival

This weekend will see Fez play host to the 12th annual International Dance Festival in celebration of dance in all its forms and genres. The festival, initiated by the Babylon Cult Art Association aims to not only enhance the cultural scene within Fez, but to enlighten its spectators of the significance of dance as a medium for communication. Alice Price reports for The View From Fez

The festival symbolises a setting where artists and choreographic troupes from countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, France, and Spain can come together and bring their own creative insights, all with the same objective - dance.

FESTIDANCE-12 boasts an extensive programme, which will see choreographic shows of Hip Hop, Tango and Contemporary dance across the 4 days, as well as both workshops and screenings aimed at providing a deeper insight into the world of dance and choreography.

Of the performances being showcased across the weekend, “The Orchard of Muses” by director Aziz El Hakim, is one of particular importance in conveying the objectives of the festival. This performance sees the incorporation of visual paintings alongside a range of dance styles from Japanese Buto, Flamenco and Hip Hop, which climaxes in a spectacular celebration of dance in its entirety.

The programme:

Thursday, October 03, 2019 / 18:00
Gallery of the French Institute of fez
Painting Exhibition Signed: Fabienne Colin, in partnership with the French Institute of fez.
Friday, October 04, 2019 / 19 pm
Dar Batha French Institute of Fez / 20:00
Opening night
Tribute to the avant-garde choreographer Babette Gazeau
Choreographic return, creation residence 2019 "the orchard of muses"
By: Babylon Cult-Art (Morocco - France-Spain)
Saturday, October 2019, 05 / 17:00
Media Library of the French Institute of fez
Ciné-Dance: screening of some choreographic extracts, followed by a round table entitled: "basic keys for the reading of the choreographic show"
Speakers: Babette Gazeau, Véronique Ben Ahmed (France) Hassan Yousfi (Morocco) Moderator: Aziz Hakim,,
Dar Batha French Institute of Fez / 19:00
Part 1: Choreographic show "Resilience" Contemporary dance
Choreography & Dance: Roberta Pupotto (Germany)
Part 2: "The Dancer" with Véronique Ben Ahmed & Charlotte Leroy (France)
Sunday 06 October 2019/ 19:00
Name my Ali Chrief - who wants to go to his place (I will go)
Springboard of young dancers to professionalism
Choreographic show "Psycho-machine"
Hip Hop, Tango, Calinka, Pilobolus & contemporary,,
By Company: Dripping Spirit (Morocco)
Monday, October 2019, 07 / 19:00
Name my Ali Chrief - who wants to go to his place (I will go)
Choreographic show "freedom" Street Dance Elle
Choreography & Dance: Omar Alaoui (Morocco)
Tuesday, October 08, 2019/19 PM
Dar Batha French Institute of fez
Closing night
Part 1: presentation of workshop work
Part 2: Solo performance "the mue" Choreography & Dance: Babette Gazeau Contemporary Dance (Thémadanse - France)


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