Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tariqa Sharqawiya - Hi-Octane at Fez Sufi Festival

Monday evening marked the turn of the Tariqa Sharqawiya to take to stage, and with it they brought sheer charisma and contagious energy to celebrate an unforgettable night of all things Sufi - Alice Price reports...

Originating from the South of Morocco, the Tariqa Sharqawiya hold great prominence within the history of Sufism, with their presence dating back to as early as the 2nd century. And in more recent imes have always been a huge hit at festivals in Morocco.

Before the evening had even began, the Tariqa set the standards high with each member bursting into powerful and enthusiastic song as they made their way through the audience and to their designated seats.

Unlike that of previous nights, the Tariqa’s musical performance proved to be much more dynamic and engaging. Despite the same lyrics being consistently featured in the performances of other brotherhoods, the Tariqa Sharqawiya were able to convey the depth of their belief in a much more poignant manner, be it through charismatic hand gestures, the incorporation of drums, to the varying tones and rhythms they adopted throughout.

In spite of a depleted audience, the Tariqa brotherhood were still able to rouse as much energy and participation from the crowd as the previous evenings. With the majority of the audience singing and clapping along as the evening reached its pinnacle, whilst some could even be seen dancing in displays of ecstasy.

From an outside perspective, the evening captured the sensation of what it truly means to believe and to be part of a community, with this particular sensation being something that will no doubt stay with those who attended for a long time after.

Reporting and photography: Alice Price

Tuesday at the Festival: Tariqa Sharqwiya 9pm Jnan Sbil Gardens. NOTE This may change if rain persists.


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