Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Corona Virus - Moroccan Update

Morocco announces the first case of coronavirus. 
The Ministry of Health announced that it had recorded, Monday evening, a first case of the new coronavirus confirmed at the laboratory of the Institut Pasteur-Maroc, of a Moroccan from Italy.
The state of health of the infected person is stable and does not give rise to concern, notes the press release, noting that the patient benefits from monitoring at the isolation unit at Moulay Youssef hospital in Casablanca where he will be taken into care. charge according to the health measures in force."

Immediately after receiving the results of the laboratory tests, a joint team of specialists from the national and regional public health emergency operations centres conducted investigations to identify the list of all people who were in contact with the patient. , to monitor their health and take preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus in accordance with national and international health security standards.

SIAM canceled. 
The Ministry of Agriculture announces in a press release issued by the MAP that the 15th edition of the International Agricultural Show of Morocco, SIAM, scheduled from April 14 to 19, 2020 has been canceled as part of the health security measures relating to Coronavirus

Will there be a cancellation of Mawazine due to coronavirus? 
The recommendations of the monitoring committee for the Coronavirus epidemic calls for the cancellation of large cultural and sports gatherings such as festivals, moussems and football matches as long as the disease continues to present risks serious for the health of Moroccans, we should expect in the coming weeks to the announcement of cascading reports or cancellation of events among the most important. At the top of this list to which all eyes turn remains the case of the international Mawazine festival, which breaks all records in terms of attendance. More than three months from its date, its program has not been announced in detail to date, and pending a final decision on its 2020 edition, this great event could certainly be canceled although a much of the contracts with the artists have already been signed, something that will result in heavy financial losses for the organisers. The same losses are also expected on the side of football clubs in the perspective of the upheaval of the football championship and the Arab Cup planned in Rabat.

Covid-19: the consequences for the Moroccan economy are growing
 Tourism is the main sector affected by this scourge. The hotel industry is thus strongly impacted. Since the outbreak of the Covid health crisis there has been the loss of Chinese customers for our hotel industry (estimated at several tens of thousands), the risk of supply disruption for many of our industries which import various inputs from China, the potential stock-outs of several types of finished products (household appliances, clothing, food products, electrical equipment and consumables, etc.), but also a likely slowdown in the few products that we manage to export to China (generally raw and unprocessed materials) such as zinc, copper, lead, phosphates, manganese, fish oil, olive oil, scrap metal, marble, granite and gypsum).

Royal Air Maroc maintains the suspension of Casablanca-Beijing flights. 
When the coronavirus, which appeared in China, began to spread worldwide, the national airline company had announced in a press release dated January 30, the suspension of the Casablanca-Beijing airline from January 31 to 29th of Feb. However, Royal Air Maroc now says “ there is a  sharp drop in demand on Casablanca-Beijing-Casablanca flights ”. The company continued: “ Customers initially scheduled on this line beyond January 31 will be informed personally, using the contact details in their booking files. "

But what has happened since? A source close to the issue says “ the suspension of the line is maintained ”, without however giving a date for lifting the suspension. Our source continues: “ We don't know when the line will be restored. For the moment, flights are canceled one by one. "


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johndonneundone said...

Covid19 is a world wide problem. It's an emerging disease with many unknowns with regard to both causation and outcomes. Compromised immune system, ill health and old age appear to indicate increased likelihood of death. A big worry is that many people spit in the street and sneeze without any attempt to cover thier mouths, this requires fast public education. Buses and trains are often overcrowded and provide cause for concern. On a brighter note the Covid 19 virus is deactivated by UV and sunlight, rollon another long hot summer.

Keep well glad your back on line xx