Saturday, March 21, 2020

Morocco records seven new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 86

The number of Morocco's coronavirus cases has risen dramatically over the past 24 hours, jumping from 65 on Thursday to 86 as of Friday night.

 Ministry of Health website

86 confirmed cases of contamination with the new coronavirus (Covid-19) have been reported in Morocco, according to information made available by the Ministry of Health. Two cases were reported in Casablanca and Tetouan, and  one in Rabat, Oujda and Sidi Slimane respectively.

The ministry reported three deaths and two recoveries, adding that the excluded cases following a negative test result are 385.

The ministry invites citizens to respect the rules of hygiene and health security as well as the preventive measures taken by the Moroccan authorities by showing responsibility and patriotism.

Morocco declared a state of health emergency on Thursday night. The decision entered into force as of Friday at 6 pm Moroccan time.

In a statement it issued on Thursday, the Ministry of Interior pointed out that Moroccan can enter leave their homes and enter public spaces only if the obtain an exceptional authorisation from the competent authorities.

This document will be delivered only to people who work for open administrations and establishments, including companies, factories, agricultural work, commercial facilities related to the daily life of citizens, pharmacies, banking and financial sectors, hydrocarbon supply stations, clinics and medical facilities, agencies of telecommunications companies, as well as essential liberal professions.
The “exceptional movement permits” allow residents to leave their homes for work, to make essential purchases, attend doctor appointments, and other emergencies. DOWNLOAD HERE


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