Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Fire Erupts at Fez's Historic Rcif Market

A fire erupted yesterday in the ceilings of the shops located in the Rcif vegetables market

Eyewitness on the scene said that the fire consumed a number  of shops and their equipment. The expensive wooden decorations that furnish the market space contributed to the fires’ swelling to spread on a large scale.

The  market, which had just been repaired, suffered significant material damage  as a result of the fire.

According to the same source, Fez's authorities and civil protection agency dispatched first respondents and firefighters to extinguish the blaze.

Civil protection teams are working to keep the fire from spreading to other parts of the market and from affecting the nearby Bab Al-Awwad market's shops.

The fire's primary cause is still unknown. Local authorities launched an investigation into the cause of the fire.

Bab Rcif is one of the historical monuments in the old medina of Fez.  Located in a key location in the city, the centuries-old gate represents a fundamental element in Fez's history and architecture.


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