Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cafe Clock flexes its muscles

Mike will go to great lengths to keep the customers happy

Last night saw what Mike curiously calls a 'soft' opening of Cafe Clock (must be jargon in the catering industry ...). A happy bunch of punters crowded the tables to sample the first meal offered by the new Cafe. The restoration is complete and the house is looking very beautiful, the kitchen is installed and the furniture in place. First up on the menu was a choice of harira or the Fes Platter - featuring homemade traditional breads, lentils, aubergine dip and dates stuffed with marzipan. Camel burgers came next - a first for Lumen - and very tasty they were, served with a well-dressed salad and chips. There was spaghetti bolognaise or pasta alfredo for the less brave. Tariq excelled himself as usual with a banana, chocolate and walnut cake or icecream for dessert.

This was a test not only for the food, but also for the staff, many of whom are new to waiting tables, and they did very well. And they look pretty good too in their Cafe Clock t-shirts. Here's Hatim:

So Mike, when's the big day? We can't wait!



lady macleod said...

sounds good.

Helen Ranger said...

And the answer is ... opening day is on TUESDAY 27 NOVEMBER!! To start off, opening hours will be from 15h00 to 22h30, and the following week they'll be opening for lunch too, from noon. Closed Sundays. Reservations aren't necessary unless you have a large group. The phone number is +212 (0) 35 637 855. See you there!