Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cafe Clock - Cultural Explosion!

Driving force - Jess and the indomitable Mike!

You have to hand it to the expat community in Fez, when it comes to innovative explorations of cultural expression, they are doing a superb job. From Frédéric Calmès wonderful work with the Hamadcha musicians, through to the traditional concerts at Riad Zany and art exhibitions in the Ville Nouvelle - there is a lot to chose from.

Anass at Cafe Clock

Now Cafe Clock has made a substantial contribution by beginning a cultural program (see our earlier story) - and Mike and his team are to be congratulated.

Josephine and Evelyn

Word is that, at least in the area of music, Cafe Clock will also collaborate with Riad Zany and look at holding complimentary concerts showcasing some of the visiting Celtic musicians that are due in Fez in May. A tentative agreement last year looked at the possibility that Cafe Clock would not only continue to cater the riad concerts and but would look at holding additional concerts at Cafe Clock.

We will keep you posted.

Photo credits: Amin Kavata

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