Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How to make Moroccan mint tea. (recipe)

We have had a number of emails this week about making Moroccan mint tea and so Sannae has this to say:

The art of tea making Moroccan style is not complex and the results delicious.

For the traditional basic recipe, you require a reasonable sized metal tea pot that can be heated on a stove or simply a pot. Bring around a pint of water to the boil and add half a handful of green tea leaves (gunpowder tea is excellent)and several sugar lumps according to taste. Bring the water to the boil again and then remove from the heat while you place a large sprig of mint ( or a couple of cups of leaves) into the water. Bring to the boil again then remove from the heat and let set for a couple of minutes.

Pour one tea glass full of tea and then return it to the pot. Repeat this a couple of times. Now the tea is ready. Pour each glass from high enough above the glass to cause the tea to foam a little.

There are many variations on this but basically it is up to you. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

a couple of cups of mint is a lot don't you think? :S

Anonymous said...

No - that is normal for our tea. We like it strong!

Anonymous said...

Lalla Mira?? I am Lalla-Mira. I did not leave that comment up there!

Anonymous said...

No, but Lalla Mira(2)! did. Sorry my dear, but I manifest in all sorts of places. Tell me, do you also like blue? Do you like dancing? Maybe we are the same person... but until then I will remain (2)!.


Anonymous said...

We are definitely not the same person, or this is my official request to take me to a mental hospital.

I would appreciate it if you use a slightly different nickname, or at least leave your comments with your blog's address. Anything that would set us apart from each other is good actually.

PS: I like dancing, and I like blue among other colors.

Anonymous said...

normally the tea is rinsed first with boiling water and swirled around a bit, otherwise it's too bitter when you actually make the tea.

dl said...

Just got back from Morocco and drank a lot of mint tea during my stay. It was always served with a couple of fresh mint leaves lining the glass, which I thought made the look and smell of the drink extra special. Is this something that is done in restaurants more often than in homes?

The View From Fez said...

Hi Debbie - we drink it at home just as much

Alaska said...

Debbie, putting leaves in the glass itself is more of a restaurant thing. In homes, you really just end up with the bits that makes their way through the spout.