Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dar Ba Mohamed Chergui

Recently our heritage editor, Helen Ranger, reported on the sale of Dar Ba Mohamed Chergui, situated on Derb el Horra in the Fez Medina.

One of the central courtyards

According to Helen Ranger, "the complex, along with the massive palace opposite, Dar Ouezzane, has been sold to a consortium of businessmen from Saudi Arabia, Germany and Switzerland for an undisclosed sum (thought to be in region of several million Euros). Dar Ouezzane alone had at least 20-25 inheritors, so it must have been some deal."

The idea is to restore the buildings and convert them into a 28-room hotel which will include a passerelle or bridge over Derb el Horra to connect between the two.

Just to give those who have never visited Dar ba Mohamed Chergui an idea of what is at stake, we sent our intrepid photographer Zany along to take some photographs:

The unique garden featuring star-shaped zellij planters

Interior and detail (below)

Photographs: Suzanna Clarke.



Helen Ranger said...

Great photos, Zany. You can just see the black and white photo of the pasha hanging on the wall of the bartal, in the salon.

Wanderer said...

Has anything happened with the two buildings?... The new hotel?...

Cynthia said...

Wanderer--I visited in both 2018 and 2019 and it is in ruins--VERY SAD. Some random support beams have been added but fig trees have grown through the fountains, cracking the cement and tiles; vines are growing in the main salon and the chandelier is falling apart. It made me want to cry.
There is a caretaker who apparently just collects his fee but does nothing; our guide from Fes implored him to at least cut the big bushes coming up through the floors... anybody who gardens would be apoplectic! It made me want to bring my clippers and get to work.