Friday, March 06, 2009

Lonely Planet's new Morocco Guide

At the end of January, The View from Fez talked to Paul Clammer, co-ordinating author of Lonely Planet's new Morocco guidebook (see here). The book has now been launched.

Graced with a particularly striking cover photograph of the Royal Palace doors in Fez, the guidebook is now available. It costs £15.99 and can be ordered from LP's website shop.

"Morocco is sensory overload at its most intoxicating," runs the LP blurb, "from the scents and sounds of the medinas of Fes and Marrakesh to the astonishing Saharan landscapes. Roam its labyrinthine souqs, scrunch your toes into the sunset sand and let our guide take you to the cafes and hammams only the locals know."

Paul points out that the map of the Fes medina is much improved in comparison with the map in the last edition. The guidebooks are updated every two years and this is the 9th edition. Paul was aided and abetted by Paul Stiles, Marrakech expert Alison Bing (who also wrote LP's Marrakesh Encounter), and acclaimed travel writer, Anthony Sattin.



Tales From Bradistan said...

This one seems to be a good edition of the LP guide but I still way prefer the Rough Guide - it has more detail and the layout is more logical.

Anonymous said...

Still the best guide book around. Like Abdel, I think the Rough Guide is good, but it is not as accurate and up to date like Lonely Planet.

Anonymous said...

The top guide book for Morocco. It leaves the others for dead! Well done, Paul!