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Women's Wellness Workshop in Sefrou

Participants at the 2008 Women's Wellness Workshop at the Sefrou waterfall

Sarah Burich reports on the Women's Wellness Workshop to be held from 10-12 April in Sefrou.

"My heart lies in health and wellness, and sharing the wisdom of it with others", says Peace Corps Volunteer Sarah.

"So much can be achieved once you realise the power that you have over your own life. Health choices that are sustainable and cost-efficient and include awareness and prevention are the keys to maintaining health and wellness."

Ten Peace Corps Volunteers have gathered their resources, knowledge and talents to motivate women from urban and remotely rural communities towards a healthy lifestyle. This year, they are aided by SeFest, Sefrou's contemporary arts association, as well as sexual health trainers and women health practitioners (both Moroccan and American), they're putting together a three-day workshop. The primary objective is women's empowerment and will cover concepts of wellness, preventative medicine, health education, stress management techniques and creative expression through art. Sessions will feature:

- daily yoga practice
- discussion on women's health issues with a local female doctor
- art and health led by artist Jess Stephens, president of SeFest
- environmental issues: making cloth bags instead of using plastic
- stress reduction using reflexology, massage, breathing and relaxation techniques
- nutrition and hands-on cooking session
- health tips

"This year's workshop has quickly turned into something wonderful. However, the costs are larger than we anticipated", says Sarah.

"We are still searching for funding, either from sponsors or donations. If you share our passion for wellness, sustainable health and women's empowerment, please contact us. And we'd love to see you at the event."

Happy International Women's Day and Women's Month!

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