Sunday, August 09, 2009

The View from Fez on Lonely Planet

The View from Fez blog is enjoying huge success. The team is delighted to announce that our posts now appear on the Lonely Planet website as one of the well-known guidebook company's favourite blogs. That's pretty good news for our hard-working team and for Moroccan tourism!

You can visit us at Lonely Planet here.

As we mentioned in our article in April 2007, LP remains the most popular guidebook to Morocco and Fez - most tourists seem to be carrying one! (See story here: Lonely Planet's Morocco)

But it's not only LP. We've also just been invited to be part of Globalpost, which is a relatively new (launched in January) international news organisation that's getting around 300 000 visitors per month, and around 1.1 million page views. And we're on Toot, the Arabic news organisation. You can follow The View from Fez on Twitter, too.

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