Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Massage Training Session in Fez

Hot news from the hammam!

Having a traditional hammam is as much a part of visiting Fez as any other activity. It is also a particularly good way to get rid of all the stress and tension of travel and shopping.
Inside Riad Laaroussa is one off the most beautiful hammams - lovingly restored by Fred Sola. The original domed ceiling has been retained and augmented by rest rooms and a massage centre.

The massage centre at Riad Laaroussa

The massage is particularly popular with Riad Laaroussa guests but increasing also with visitors from other guest houses and hotels in and around Fez.

Fred Sola (pictured above) has plenty of reasons to be smiling. Not least of which was the opportunity to take advantage of the presence in Fez of top Australian remedial therapist, Katerina Annels. Kat was happy to oblige and give an intensive workshop and demonstration of remedial therapeutic massage to Fred's talented team.

Fatima-zohra, Katerina, Fatima-zohra, and Nezha

In particular Fred Sola was interested in adding Ka huna massage to the his team's skills. Ka huna, Kat explains as "ancient Polynesian massage techniques, and the most glorious full body, mind and soul massage you have ever had. It encourages emotional release through chakra clearing, each move covering the whole body, head to toe. The initial training for a Ka huna therapist consists of a three week intensive course followed by refresher and issue-specific training throughout the therapist's career. Fred's three beautiful hammam women didn't have the luxury of such a course but due to their existing skills, were quick to grasp the intention behind the Ka huna massage, allowing them to combine existing massage techniques with the new Ka huna moves. After receiving a massage from them at the end of the intensive, I am happy to say that many fully qualified massage therapists in Australia couldn't come close to the quality demonstrated by the Riad Laaroussa women here in Fez".

The essential info: hammam with eucalyptus traditional black soap and body scrub. 30 Euros.Relaxing Massage with essential oils. 30 Euros. Contact Riad Laaroussa at Tel.: +212 6 74 18 76 39. Email or visit their website


Anonymous said...

This spa is great and well worth a visit even if you are not lucky enough to be staying at the Riad Laaroussa.

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