Friday, November 13, 2009

R'cif gets a facelift

If you visit R'cif by road at the moment you will find your way to Bab R'cif blocked by a rather diminutive (by Fez standards) roundabout. Beyond this is a scene of great activity as a large number of workers transform the old R'cif into what should be one of the pleasurable meeting places in the Medina. Back down the road the new bus stop and turning circle are working very well. However, the taxi stand has become a target for the displaced Honda drivers. So watch out or you will end up paying 30 dirhams for a 7 dirham ride from R'cif to Batha. Hopefully this Honda influx will be asked to move on soon.

The photographs below should give you an impression of the progress being made at R'cif. the only odd thing is the restraint shown by the planners... not a single fountain in sight!

The plan.

An artist's impression

The centre of the future pedestrian precinct

Work progressing on the surrounding walls

The intriguing prospect of actually seeing the river!

"Mmm.. shall we put the window in the middle?"

What! No fountain?

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Anonymous said...

Good news, thanks for the report. Has any one heard what they plan to do with the square, will there be cafes there, or more food stalls at night than there were? Will water flow in the river bed?