Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moroccan Photography Competition #9

This entry in The View from Fez photo competition is from Jerome Lorieau.

Coffee shop in Fez - Photographer Jerome Lorieau

Jerome Lorieau says: I am pleased to send you this photograph taken in October 2008.

I took this picture on a journey through Morocco while exploring its Imperial Medinas. I came across this tiny traditional looking café when walking through the Medina. I must say that I could not resist having a mint tea in it while observing the busy street life and hearing the lively conversation of the card players in the café.
I really enjoyed wandering the streets and lanes of Fez, having the feeling of getting lost and losing every sense of direction. As a travel photographer, I visited many places but nothing fascinated me more than the ancient city of Fez. Unfortunately I only stayed 3 days in the Medina. However, I already plan to come back in 2010 and spend more time in Fez in order to experience for longer its everyday life, its people and to document its culture

If you wish to see more about my Imperial Moroccan Imperial Medinas series, please visit the following page:

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