Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Launch of gay magazine - a first for Morocco

An on-line gay magazine, Mithly, was launched this month in Morocco. This is the first gay publication in an Arab country.

Published in Rabat, the magazine is 'a breath of fresh air for a gay community that's criminalised and discriminated against', says According to Islamists, homosexuality is considered 'counter to the future of humanity'.

The name 'Mithly' is a play on words, meaning both 'homosexual' and 'like me' in Arabic. The magazine, found at, contains articles, local and international news, short stories and poetry. It does not contains explicit photographs.

It has not been possible to print a hard copy of the magazine, but the founders of the monthly magazine expect a large internet readership. According to them, the magazine is first and foremost an opportunity for those in a suffering community to express themselves. 'It's a healthy catharsis for a fringe segment of the population that is persecuted both by the State and by conservatives', they say.

It's also a brave move. Next month's issue will broach another taboo subject - that of the high level of suicides amongst Moroccan gays.


Anonymous said...

homosexuality is, indeed, "counter to the future of humanity". According their "suffering", then let them stop their wickedness. Should the law allow men to keep woman as slaves, if these men claim suffering (due to a lack of sexual freedom)??? There alot of other examples that can be given. The bottom line is that peoples' action are not in a vacuum and affect others.

Anonymous said...

sorry anonymous, but how does ones sexuality have anything to do with the suffering of others. try to hate less and love more -- you'll live longer!!!


Anonymous said...

laanatou allah 3alykoum jami3an