Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Moulay Idriss Zerhoune - Tomorrow in Fez

The Bab Bou Jeloud at Batha is the place to be around 3pm tomorrow when the fabulous festival, the Moulay Idriss Moussem, takes place. 

Photo: Suzanna Clarke
 The exact starting time is a little unclear, but it would pay to get there early as the crowds will be huge. People are literally hanging off every vantage point.

The festival celebrates the founder of Fez, Moulay Idriss II.

Workers will be given the day off in order to attend and the various craft guilds will all attend along with Sufi brotherhoods.

Photo: Suzanna Clarke
 It is a noisy, colourful spectacle, complete with a number of bulls to be sacrificed. In previous years there has also been a camel and groups of men balancing silver tayfar on their heads. These tagine shaped containers contain symbolic offerings to be placed on the saint's tomb.

Photo: Suzanna Clarke

The procession makes its way from Bab Bou Jeloud down to the saint's mausoleum. It is an event not to be missed.


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence - I randomly remembered your site & your back blogging again!
I saw the Moulay Idriss Moussem today -it was fantastic ... & very loud!

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful book 'A House in Fez' - it is so insightful & inspiring. I am contemplating making the move from Australia to Fez as my partner owns a riad here & your book (written from a foreign/Australian understanding) really 'spoke' to me [for want of a better term]

Thank you & please keep up your fantastic work :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback.

Glad you saw the Moussem. It is an extraordinary experience!

Please let us know if you do decide to make the move to Fez.