Friday, October 07, 2011

Hidden Waters of Fez ~ Update

Back in September, The View from Fez reported on the new film project being undertaken by Joe Lukawski (see story here). Now Joe has produced a new video to promote his fundraising efforts. We asked him, why he had released the new video.

"The idea for the new Kickstarter video was to try to bring a bit more reflection into "Hidden Waters" fundraising efforts, using slightly better equipment, and getting out into the streets of Fez more."

The Kickstarter programme is designed to assist film projects in raising the money needed to begin a project. Each project only runs for a set time and Joe's has only slightly upwards of twenty days left, meaning time for people to get involved with the film by donating is running out soon.

"What we really want is not necessarily that people feel obligated to make a big donation, but rather to give us a bit of baraka for our efforts," Joe explains. "Donors to the film get one-of a kind photos, limited edition DVDs of the film once its out, and more. Our goal with these rewards was to promote other artistic efforts, such as the photography of local photographer Omar Chennafi and businesses that support local artists and welcome international artists in Fez such as Café Clock."

This is a project that is not only of interest to experts and academics, but to the local people in the Fez Medina. "Today the man working at my local hanut told me: 'Sidi yusuf, when you find out where all the clean fresh water everyone always had in Fez went, and why we pay so much now for running water and bottled water, please tell me.'

"We really want to find out," Joe says, "but more than that, we aim to reflect on something else my local hanut man said. 'water is life's mother, in Fez and everywhere.' Frankly, whether we get the kickstarter funds or not, I know that this is a beautiful story worth telling."

The View from Fez is supporting this project  and will have regular reports on its progress. We would urge you to join us in donating to assist Joe in making the film. Contributions can be made at the project's KICKSTARTER PAGE.


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Joe Lukawski said...

"Hidden Waters" also would like to announce the addition of Joe Hollowell, a Peace Corps worker and sustainable development professional, to the production team. Joe will be coming to Fez for the first production meetings in the coming weeks.


Joe Lukawski