Sunday, October 30, 2011

Russian Language Courses in Fez

Close observers of the Fez Medina will have noticed that these days there are many more Russian tourists. We have always been amazed at the way young Moroccans who work with tourists are able to muster a great number of words in half a dozen languages and Russian is now included.  Back in 2005, King Mohammed VI sent a message, via Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, offering Russian citizens visa-free entry. Putin responded by giving strong support to the move and issued a message which said in part, "The decision will definitely encourage tourism and business contacts between our nations".

Now the influx of Russians has reached a stage where even more language skills are required. So a Russian language course has opened at the International Institute of Tourism in Fes, to train specialists for the country’s booming hotel and tour business sector.

The organizers say that the number of Russian tourists coming to Morocco is slowly but steadily going up and hope the course will encourage mutually rewarding business ties between the two countries.

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