Monday, October 10, 2011

Traditional Moroccan Baby Party in Fez

The arrival of a baby in a Moroccan family is a great excuse for a party and The View from Fez were delighted to be invited to the celebration for little Hamza.

Starting at 1pm, people began to arrive. The visitors, both from Fez and further afield, were treated to a huge feast of lamb with almonds, followed by chicken with preserved lemon. Because of the numbers involved, every room in the house was transformed for eating and several sittings were required.

Following the meal, there was a break for a couple of hours as the women changed from their street clothes into party attire. There were so many guests that women were changing in the stairwells, on the roof terrace and even in the kitchen.

The music started mid-afternoon with a talented DJ, his voice amplified to the max, starting a dance session that went on until dusk, when a group of Sufi musicians arrived.

As people danced, more and more people arrived, including a group of rather bemused Italian tourists who, simply because they were passing by, were invited in.


Hamza - the centre of attention
Food was plentiful, but as there were so many guests there were four or five sittings!

Seventy women were jammed into the downstairs salon and the party began

After a couple of hours with a DJ the musicians arrived and cranked up the music

Several hours of music had people up and dancing

The proud father with Hamza
The dancing continued for hours

Around six in the evening, Hamza had his first taste of dancing

A tired but happy Hamza with his mother

All photographs: Sandy McCutcheon. Click images to enlarge



TRG said...

I miss Morocco, I really do! Eyeing the gorgeous kaftans. I used to collect them and also djellabas.

Right Travel said...

morocco have great tradition to celebrate any festival or birthday parties. I really love your post. Keep on posting about morocco and its tradition